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Quality photos make all the difference!

It's an important point of difference from your competitors...great photos can make all the difference. A great photo says a thousand great words...a bad photo can say a different thousand words

Quality photography makes all the difference when it comes to potential customers deciding if they'll buy your wares. We understand you need to present the best impression and with great photos you'll create consumer confidence in your business. Great photos aren't created by chance though. Elements you need to consider for the best shots include:

  • Correct photographic equipment
  • Exposures and focusing depth
  • Time of day
  • Presentation and layout of subject
  • Weather conditions
  • Environmental distractions
  • Cropping and angles
  • Colour, saturation and sharpness
  • Post production of images

We'd like to offer you our services. We have a great ability to get the best out of any subject and our images will make a huge contribution to your presentation and marketing. We've also set a flat fee for our photo shoots to make your budgeting easier.

Full day photoshoot only $1299*

Unlimited photos - inc GST

With this offer you'll receive as many shots as you want in that day with (or subsequent days) if you desire. You'll also get all the images with the best ones retouched, cleaned up and presented beautifully to you ready to drop into your brochure or on your website.

Look through this great gallery of images and then contact us to help you make your business look a million dollars.

It's an important point of difference from your competitors... great photos can make all the difference.

Contact us for your next photo shoot and make a change from average images to shots that will really set you apart.


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