Murray River Photos

Frequently Asked Questions

We have found there are some common issues that our clients have so this may help you.

How do get the photos I want?

There are different ways to do this. First find the photo(s) you like. Note the Image number and size you want. Then go to the order page, download a pdf order form and either fax or post back to us with your payment and other information as directed by the form. Alternatively you can phone (08 8363 6244) Murray River Photos and order over the phone. Just tell us your Image No, credit card no, and contact details and we'll email the file to you for a small email charge. Simple.

Why does the image look different from screen to print?

There can be a variety of reasons for changes in the image. Colour varies according to applications, profiles and output hardware such as printers. We ensure all our images are supplied as high quality print ready files with our computer hardware professional calibrated for the perfect shot. Please read the tips page as this should give you the answers.

Can I enlarge the photo more than A4

Sure. We don't however warrant the quality of the image however we've had them as large as A1 size posters and still looking sensational. We'd strongly encourage you to use the services of a professional retoucher to enlarge images and some grain or softening issues may occur. Contact us if you wish to produce enlarged images.

The pictures look a bit grainy or soft when enlarged?

The images supplied are digital and can only be enlarged to a specific size. If you enlarge the A4 more than it's current size it will become pixelated. This is okay if the viewing distance further away. Many of the original images supplied by River Murray Photos are scanned from transparencies and contain a natural grain. You may need to consider what or how you apply the images in your project

If you still cannot find what you want please contact us.



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